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When a person dies, their last will and testament (assuming they prepared on in advance) is handled and their wishes for the distribution of their personal property implemented through a process called probate. Probate simply means the procedure by which their last written directives are legally certified as the final statement of their wishes in regard to their worldly possessions (including any property or properties they may have owned). It also confirms the appointment of a person or entity the deceased person selected to administer their estate. The term probate is also frequently used to refer to the entire process of “probating” an estate. In this usage, it refers to the entire process that gathers all of the available assets, pays any outstanding debts, taxes, administrative expenses and then finally makes the specified distribution of remaining assets to those persons or entities designated by the will. The personal representative (also know as the executor or executrix) who is named in the will is legally in charge of this process and is responsible for handling the orderly method for administration of the estate as set forth by the probate laws and procedures of their state. The executor is typically held accountable for their actions and decisions by the heirs and other beneficiaries and in some cases may be formally supervised by a probate court. If a will does not exist or a personal representative is not designated in the will, the court will appoint one (assuming there is personal property to distribute). The personal representative is often entitled by law to a reasonable fee or commission for their services. Probate law generally encourages or provides for partial distributions of funds during the period of administration and assets are often distributed “in kind” rather than sold during this period. Tax laws generally look to the personal representative as being responsible for making death tax filings and other tax payments from the outstanding assets of the deceased. Therefore, choosing an executor / executrix / personal representative is an important decision. The basic job of administration and accounting for assets must be done whether the estate is handled by a personal representative as part of the probate process or if probate is avoided. In the recent past, lawyers and other professionals have advocated the use of probate avoidance techniques (such as revocable trusts, etc.) in states where the probate process has been seen to be too slow and overly expensive. In recent years, many states have simplified or streamlined their probate processes and in such states, there is now less reason to employ probate avoidance techniques.

We specialize in Probate Real Estate sales and we would like to introduce you to our company and the real estate services that we offer. It is our goal to assist your client in successfully completing the real estate sales process with confidence at a level unmatched by any realtor.

As experts in Probate Real Estate sales, ASA Real Estate powered by Keller Williams Realty has successfully represented our clients through the complex process of selling properties both in and out of probate. Our well established, full service sales team is designed to address any challenges and keep you fully informed throughout all aspects of the transaction.

Expediting the Sale by securing the following documents without delay:

  • Certified Letters (issued by the probate court)
  • Certified Death Certificate (s)
  • Estate Identification Number (for tax reporting purposes)

We Offer a Full Range of Services, including:

  • Haul Away Services
  • Organizing / Sorting
  • Painters, Plumbers, Electricians
  • Estate Liquidation Services
  • Item Distribution
  • Move Management

The biggest benefit of listing with us is our probate sales experience, our full range of services and our capacity to sell the property at the highest price possible and net the estate the most money. We will provide you with constant, weekly updates on the progress of your sale, while exceeding your expectations for service and communications. This is the level of service you can expect.

We can also provide a free custom Home Evaluation with no obligations.

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